Cost Tally

September 17, 2008 - Leave a Response

Seems I am about as good at keeping current with my blog as I am at everything else in life; not very!

As low cost is a major planned feature of the McWybrid, the best place to start catching up would probably be with a tally of the outlay for parts that I have actually spent money on so far.

Skate bearings                                     $27.00 (Big5)

Aluminum angle                                    $2.50 (Scrapyard)

Aluminum channel & MDF                     $20.00 (The Big Orange Box)

Stepper Driver Components                 $30.00 (Mouser)

Total To Date:                                     $79.50

As you probably noticed, I screwed the pooch royally on the skate bearings, I can’t believe that I overlooked them at the RRRF;  I suppose I can take some small consolation in that they are ABEC 5 instead of 3. Being the consummate packrat, a fairly good bit of the materials are things that have been laying around waiting to be put to some sort of use, so I am hoping to see a nice dent in the cost from that.


Here We Go

September 7, 2008 - Leave a Response

After a year or so of futzing about the web and admiring all the homebuilt CNC machines out there, I finally decided to take the plunge and build one for myself. The idea of a of milling PCBs has always been high on my “wouldn’t that be cool to do” list, and when I came across the RepRap and FDM, decided to build one machine that could do both. Thus was conceived the McWybrid.

Project goals:

1. Build a Cartesian robot with changeable toolhead stable and accurate enough to mill PCBs and an extruder.

2. Spend as little money as possible to construct it by using materials at hand and low-cost alternatives whenever practical. Target cost: <$150 (less extruder)

3. Experiment with and develop a granule extruder.

4. Make things.

Hopefully this blog will be of use to builders who are looking for ideas on building a RepStrap using alternate techniques and materials in order to minimize costs.